Friday, August 28, 2009

Lessons from the Garden.


Well it has been a fantastic year so far in the garden. We have had some wonderful successes (Cucumbers, Carrots, Tomatoes!). We have also had some failures (Corn, well mostly corn). I tried to plant two varieties together and didn't know or think that this would be a problem. Although I got big beautiful heads of corn, they were so starchy we ended up having to dry it out and make it chicken food. Lessons learned for next year...

Another slight disappointment were my potatoes. I grew them in a 50 gallon drum


and this was the full harvest of one drum. The other drum held twice this much.


I planted them in a beautiful mix of compost and soil and think they may have had it too good.

I will be replanting them for my first year of winter gardening experiments and will make sure things aren't quite as luxurious this time. I will also be trying smaller varieties of purple and white potatoes instead of the above russets.

We have had such success that we even have a Watermelon growing!

Mother Nature has been very very good to use this year. We are going to try to extend the growing season for as long as possible. D built me a greenhouse, my very first one, and I can't wait to get started.

Friday, August 07, 2009

Quick pickled cucumbers

I have been overrun with cucumbers again. You think I would learn to plant less but I don't. I get too excited and start over planting and in the end, we try strange food stuff.

We are ok with that but it does make for some interesting dinners.

Here is a link to the recipe I just tried for Quick pickled cucumbers. They are turning out to be fast, easy and tasty.

In other garden news, we have had a very successful season so far. The variety of fruit and veg are far to numerous to list. We have enjoyed some really terrific gifts from Mother Nature this year. We are very grateful to be in a position to grow our own food.

Now we are just waiting on those potatoes in a barrel... soon, so soon.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Four Years

Today is the fourth anniversary of my surgery.

The last four years have been challenging, fun, hard and happy. I could not be in a better place in my life.

I am so very happy.

Saturday, May 02, 2009

Update from the garden

Hello Everyone,

The garden is really popping now, so much so that we have had Rhubarb tarts tonight for dessert.

This is my very favorite time of year, everything is doing it's thing, getting ready to take off and feed me wonderful things. I was very excited again this year and have done my best to hold off and not plant out too early. This was very difficult for me last year and I started my seeds to soon and ended up losing most of them. Planting twice tends not to be very economical, so I have done my best to waaaaiiiit.

There are also some experiments going out there. I have wanted to plant potatoes in a container ever since I heard about it two years ago and finally decided to go for it. D got me 2 large food grade containers from his work and cut the top off them. I drilled some holes in the bottom and put in some rocks for drainage, put them up on blocks and added some soil and compost to the bottom. I put about 5 or 6 of my potato chunks in the bottom and covered it with some more soil and compost. As the plants grow up you continue to add soil and compost, just leaving the tops of the plant showing. When the plant flowers you can put your hand in and feel around for some early spuds. When the plant dies back, you have a container full of spuds.

* I cut my seed potatoes into chunks with at least 2 eyes on each piece a few days before planting and leave in a cool, dry place

Now I wait to see what will happen!

I have included a picture of the spud buckets, the Rhubarb and one shot of how I like to start the day before heading out to move dirt and mow all that grass again. :)

Groove on!

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Happy Easter


It's Easter this weekend and I wanted to take the opportunity to wish you all the very best.

Things are all well and starting to pop in the garden. The seedlings are planting and growing. The weeds are pulled and the beds are ready. If we could get mother nature to play along, well that would be dandy.

I have been doing a ton of crafting and down home type of work these past few months. I have been busy making greeting cards from a bunch of my old images and putting them on paper I have made at home from my bills. :) I could never find the card stock I wanted to I decided to make my own. They have gone over really well and have been selling since before Christmas. You can check them and the rest of my work out on my site below

Mic's Media

Anyways, hope you all have a very relaxing weekend and enjoy all that chocolate.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Ok, so I am home again and loving it. Bored out of my mind and spending way too much time on Facebook. The fact is that D is wonderful and got me a new camera and flash for Christmas but it has been soooo foggy here, I can't see my hand in front of my face. It is so strange. My mail from the mailbox is damp... It's like a big wet blanket on the city. I think I need to get to higher ground :)

Itching to get out with the new gear. Trying really hard to get unstuck from the routine that involves nothing and accomplishes even less. I have customer orders for cards to make but I am still stuck in my Christmas rut lol. Is the holiday over... oh, I didn't know.

So now I have to get to work. Make some money. Learn how to use this new equipment. I am excited to get going, I am excited for spring and growing and green... Now if I could just huff and puff and blow this fog away?

Monday, January 05, 2009

Birthday Eve

Well, I am getting older! Yup given the option, I am pretty pleased about it too.

This will be a forward moving year.

Happy Year Everyone.